Big firm capabilities. Small firm relationships.

Our clients run the gamut from publicly-held multinationals and fourth generation family-owned businesses, to technology start-ups and high net worth individuals.

What these clients all have in common is a need for sophisticated legal representation from a firm that will collaborate with them in devising a strategy for resolving their issues whether by winning a dispute, closing a deal or achieving legal compliance and lawyers who approach each matter as an opportunity to understand their business.

Our clients appreciate this customized approach to legal work goals are defined, lines of communication are fostered, and matters aren’t overstaffed.

Trusted Advisors

For our clients without in-house counsel, we often function as general counsel and, equally importantly, as trusted business advisors and counselors to senior management. For our clients with in-house legal departments, our work ranges from handling significant deals or litigation to supporting the in-house lawyers by providing expertise and advice in specific areas of the law.


We have a similar client-centered approach when it comes to our fees. In situations where a non-hourly fee structure makes business sense for both the client and the Firm, we can craft an alternative arrangement that creates the right incentives for both sides.

Our commitment to client service enables the Firm to develop lasting relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect and that deliver real value to our clients.