We are located in the heart
of Philadelphia’s business
district–One Liberty Place.

/ Lorena E. Ahumada
/ Murray I. Blackman
/ Robert B. Bodzin
/ Paul E. Bomze
/ George R. Burrell
/ Edward T. Butkovitz
/ E. David Chanin
/ Howard J. Davis
/ Edward M. Dunham, Jr.
/ Steven J. Engelmyer
/ Michael A. Frattone
/ Paul G. Gagne
/ Zachary C. Glaser
/ Mary Beth H. Gray
/ David L. Hyman
/ Bernard B. Kolodner
/ Eric J. Pritchard
/ John H. Schapiro
/ Eric J. Schreiner
/ Thomas H. Speranza
/ Carl S. Tannenbaum
/ John J. Tipton
/ Alan W. Wong

Contact Us

One Liberty Place, 46th Floor
1650 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215.568.2000
Fax: 215.568.0140

For administrative assistance, please contact Mary E. Zove, Director of Administration, at 215.568.2000 or via e-mail at mzove@kleinbard.com.


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