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Political Law

Kleinbard’s political law team represents clients in all facets of politics and government, and works in close conjunction with our Government Relations practice. Our clients range from government officials and corporations engaged in the political process, to candidates and individuals seeking to comply with regulatory requirements. Our lawyers have a unique understanding of the intersection of legal compliance and practical reality.  We work with our political and government clients to craft commonsense solutions, navigate the law and deliver results.

Sub Specialities

  • Adverse Agency Action
  • When Commonwealth agencies and officials take adverse action—be it citations, implementing regulations, or unfairly interpreting Commonwealth laws—our team is experienced in fighting back. Through a mixture of litigation in court and administrative action, we help clients defend their rights, property, and interests.

  • Campaign Finance and Election Law
  • Political activity is heavily regulated. Our attorneys work with a broad range of private and public-sector clients to assist them in navigating and participating in the political process. We advise federal, state and local candidates, political parties, PACs, super PACs, independent expenditure committees, individual donors, associations, non-profits and corporations on structuring political advocacy and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.  In addition, we work with candidates and elected officials on ballot access issues and petition challenges.

  • Government Ethics
  • Our attorneys have vast experience representing clients on a wide range of government ethics issues. We represent corporations, lobbyists, government officials and individuals in connection with ethics compliance and ethics investigations.

  • Proposed Legislation & Regulations
  • We advise businesses, trade groups, individuals, and even elected officials & public agencies regarding proposed legislation and regulations. We assist in identifying potential outcomes of the proposed laws and recommend alternatives.

  • Representation of Elected Officials
  • Elected officials, high governmental employees and candidates often have legal issues that require unique experience and handling. We have represented elected officials and people similarly situated in complex, sensitive constitutional/civil, criminal and personal matters that require our specialized legal acumen, media savvy and political sensibility.