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Business and Finance

Our Business and Finance Group is widely recognized as one of the finest in the region. Whether you are executing a bet-the-company transaction or simply updating your standard employment forms, you will have the full attention of an experienced lawyer who asks the questions that haven’t occurred to you yet, who commands a whole spectrum of ways to engineer contract terms to address the issues specific to your business, and who knows how to negotiate – and how to close – to achieve your objectives.




Our litigators are well prepared to protect the rights of our clients, whether it involves defending a claim against a client or prosecuting a claim on behalf of a client.  We have experience handling a wide breadth of complex commercial and employment-related litigation in federal and state courts throughout the country, in addition to the many disputes we have resolved in alternative forums such as arbitration and mediation.  Specific practice areas where our litigators represent clients are discussed below.


Tax laws reach into every area of business life, and even some aspects of personal life.  Our clients rarely conduct their affairs solely to minimize their taxes, but no prudent decision maker can afford to act without considering the tax ramifications of all the options – federal, state, local, and even international – or exploring whether there might be options not thought of yet that would yield a better tax result.

Trusts and Estates

Our business clients are seldom just businesses – they are people, families, whose ultimate motivators often have as much to do with love, duty, and gratitude as with profit and loss.  They are justly proud of their success, but the ability to provide for their spouses, children, and grandchildren – as well as the causes and institutions they support – anchors their pride.


Political Law

Kleinbard’s political law team represents clients in all facets of politics and government, and works in close conjunction with our Government Relations practice. Our clients range from government officials and corporations engaged in the political process, to candidates and individuals seeking to comply with regulatory requirements. Our lawyers have a unique understanding of the intersection of legal compliance and practical reality.  We work with our political and government clients to craft commonsense solutions, navigate the law and deliver results.


Our attorneys routinely provide advice, counseling, and litigation services to our clients on a wide range of issues related to employment law and their workforces.

Government Relations

Navigating government is a frequent source of frustration for both businesses and nonprofits.  We advise clients on how they can best position themselves to benefit from relevant local and state government programs and contracting opportunities.  Similarly, we provide strategic advice to our clients in cases where government poses an obstacle to reaching their objectives.  In addition, we lobby on behalf of clients when legislative actions affect their interests.

Intellectual Property

IP rights are often our clients’ most valuable assets.  We provide advice and counseling to our clients about licensing deals, the purchase and sale of IP, and the enforcement and registration of IP rights.  We also serve as advocates on behalf of our clients in IP-related disputes.

Real Estate

Some clients deal with real estate as their main business, while others outside the industry may engage in opportunities to lease, buy, sell, and finance property. Whether they are building on real estate, have permitting issues, or seek council regarding the timing of sales, advantages of leasing, or other issues, clients rely on our attorneys to provide advice based upon relevant experience and successes.

Kleinbard Compliance

Kleinbard offers full service regulatory and operational support to campaigns, PACs and other political organizations. Our compliance team has experience with federal, state and local regulations and reporting requirements. We also advise our clients on political communications, tax, contract, and employment matters for campaigns and political organizations. We work with our clients to keep pace with changing regulations and enforcement priorities, and focus on getting it right the first time.

Kleinbard offers the following services:


  • Committee Registration
  • Election Cycle Filings
  • Permissible Funds Documentation
  • Compliance Records Requests

Bookkeeping and Human Resources

  • Account Management
  • Preparation and Management of Income and Disbursement Systems
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Administration
  • Tax Filing Preparation


  • Vendor Management
  • Depository and Mail Administration

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